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Bamboo floors and Dogs in the house - safe or not?

Thinking about having bamboo floors installed in your house, but worried about damage to the floor from your dog?

Bamboo and other hardwood floors have various hardness and softness characteristics, but ALL are succeptable to scratching from your dog's nails. Keeping your dog's nails trimmed, will help some, and may minimize the amount of scratching or gouging to your bamboo floor, but just like children's toys, or the feet of sofa's and chairs, scratches will occur on hardwood floors, regardless of the type of wood or bamboo. A hard coating on the bamboo can help, but long hard dog nails can easily scratch through this, not just for bamboo, but also for any other wood floors.

Many people looking at bamboo floors, are considering bamboo for it's beautiful look and for it being one of the softer floors to walk on. This is an important consideration for some people, as tile is harder on their knees, as is some other hardwoods. However, because bamboo is softer, the trade-off is that it is easier to scratch and dent. If you mentally accept this trade-off, you'll be better prepared for scratches in the bamboo from your dog and other things.

Strandwoven bamboo is one of the hardest of the bamboos, and will hold up a little better than some of the softer bamboos, but it too will wear down over time with scratching, just like all wooden flooring. Carbonized bamboo is one of the softest versions of bamboo available.

Before you decide on bamboo for your flooring choice, always get some samples of the various bamboo options you are thinking about, along with various types of finishes, so you can do your own bamboo scratch and dent testing. Try running your fingernails over it, and into it, as well as have your dog paw at it. Also try dropping some toys on it, and even put the leg of a chair onto it and drag - you really want to check the bamboo for scratch and dent resistance, as well as the finish and coating for scratch resistance.

Some people say scratches give character to the bamboo, other folks hate it. Sometimes the scratches blend in, other times they can turn a slightly different color than the original bamboo, and really stand out. This is why you should always test out different bamboo floor pieces and different coating materials and understand the scratch resistance, etc. Remember, dogs are dogs. They'll run around, their nails will grow, etc, so do your homework when checking out different types of bamboo flooring material, and you'll be much better prepared.